Plans After College

Plans After College

Photo of C3 Presents logo Photo of Austin City Limtis Music Festival Photo from SXSW 2018

After college I plan to move to Austin and honestly just take a chill pill from the crazy college life and look for a job in my career field. I don't mind working somewhere temporary until I find the perfect job in my field. I would love to secure a job with C3 Presents where I can work on Austin City Limits Music Festival. South By South West would be a great career path in Austin as well I would enjoy helping that company put together their music fesitval showcase. I wouldn't mind doing social media work or analytics for a promotion company in Austin at all either I would just love to be connected to music somehow.

I have no plans to stop working on my own music and artist brand when I graduate. I plan to continue to work to find my own sound and to keep booking shows and if I get somewhere with that then great that would be incredible but if I don't then that is okay too I just want ot make sure I continue to produce music while I'm trying to find the perfect career path.

Photo of hollywood sign Photo of New York City

The biggest dream I have is to move to New York or L.A Even as a kid I always told myself and everyone else I would end up in California or New York. I feel like I belong in a big city like that there is something about the energy in those cities that pulls me in. I would love to work for Spotify if I end up in New York City or any type of live event company up there. If I end up in L.A I would love to possibly get into scoring movies or planning music festivals or concerts down there as well. I know Live Nation is really big in California and they own a lot of the music festival market and it would be a great opportunity to work for them.