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My name is Ashleigh Casstevens and I am a junior at Texas State University I am currently working towards getting a B. S. degree in public relations with a minor in business administration. I'm originally from Dallas, Texas but I am currently residing in San Marcos, Texas. I enjoy DJ'ing and producing music under the name OMEN while I am not in school and I spend most of my free time on the weekends attending concerts. My extra cirricular activities on campus consist of being a member of a co-ed honorary theatre fraternity called Alpha Psi Omega. I consider myself to be more of a cat person considering I have an amazing rescue cat named Chicken who always keeps me company at home. Sushi is my favorite food so you can usually find me chowing down at Kobe for their $12 endless sushi lunch. My favorite movies consist of Titanic, Pulp Fiction and Forrest Gump which are timeless classics all ahead of their time. My favorite color is purple and my favorite music artist of all time is Prince.

While I was living in Dallas I was really involved with the electronic dance scene in the city. At first I began DJ'ing at small clubs in the metroplex then I decided I wanted to work behind the scene of showcases as well. At the age of 15 I started my own concert promotion company called White Noise Promotions. I worked with several different companies in Dallas putting together DJ showcases for the city. I had a lot of fun doing that for two years and I also learned a lot from it. I decided to put a pause on my company so I could focus on getting into college and work towards becoming a better artist.

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DJ'ing truly is my passion in life. Nothing makes me more happy then working a crowd of people with electronic music. DJ'ing in front of crowds really is a magical experience and I encourage everyone to attend a DJ set at least once in their life. I plan to never stop DJ'ing and my only plan is to get better and hopefully take it somewhere after college. I also plan to persue a career in public relations on the side as well. I believe the music festival industry needs some changes and I would be happy to implement that change in such a booming marketplace. Whatever I end up doing in the work force I will make sure I am deeply rooted in the music industry.